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How do I know if a PEO or ASO is best for my organization?

Win3 can help you to take a deep dive into your needs. In the interim, take this quick quiz to get started.


Does my Organization have a Human Resources Professional on Staff?


Do I find my time being spent on administrative/tactical tasks that are not relevant to the day-to-day growth of the organization?


Do you want to reduce your liability and risk?


Is your Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Utilization high?


Are you looking to gain back time in your day?


You did it!
Below is our recommendation based on your answers.

Based on your answers we recommend…

Professional Employer Organization

A PEO positions your business to improve productivity and profitability, focus on your core mission, and grow. Win3 was developed to handle all of your company’s back-end support and administrative needs, including payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation and HR, so you can be laser-focused on what you do best.

When you choose to work with a PEO you can offer a greater range of benefits and services for your employees to choose from. Win3 includes a robust technology and first-in-class Human Resource support. A PEO is not just available to handle the day-to-day tactical and administrative functions of Human Resources but more strategic and complex matters as well, such as compliance, safety, risk management, recruiting, training, and more. Win3 can assist with on-boarding, answer questions about benefits and withholding’s, and manage workers’ compensation claims. You retain decision-making power and responsibility for the operation of your business.

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Based on your answers we recommend…

Administrative Services Organization

With an ASO there is no shared liability/co-employment structure. Therefore, your employees are paid and reported under the FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) of your company. An ASO can provide all the same services as a PEO, but you have the option of selecting which services you wish to engage via a la carte options – hence only paying for what you need. If you choose to have an ASO manage your payroll, the ASO will administer all payroll taxes and state and federal unemployment taxes under the SUTA and FUTA accounts of your company.

Employee benefit plans and workers’ compensation insurance are provided through the “open market”, allowing you to choose from insurance carriers of your choice or remain with those currently in place. Under an ASO, you retain full ownership while the ASO manages day-to-day administrative tasks. The ASO can assist with legal questions on compliance. However, the actions and outcomes of the situation remain your sole responsibility.

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